9 months and 21 episodes later we’re at the end of our Trading Mentors Match-off spin off series.

It  was packed full of drama, twists and turns… But we got there in the end.

And among it all we’ve managed to produce a profitable trader… Who is it? Well, you’ll need to join to find out.

Or you can speed up the process and join one of the mentors that helped our traders along the way (take your pick): Andre Stewart, Derek Vandelinder or Avdo Hadziavdic.

Listen to previews of the 20 other episodes to get a taste of this fantastic series:

  1. 12 Crazy Trader Traps
  2. Simple Success Trick
  3. Free Trading Education
  4. 95% Minute Chart Win Rate
  5. Best Forex Trader
  6. Rookie Mistakes to Avoid
  7. Mark Douglas Call
  8. Trading Like a Pro?
  9. Trading Naked Charts
  10. Traders Biggest Obstacle
  11. Best Forex 1 Min Strategy
  12. Top Trading Trait
  13. Funniest Trading Hack Ever
  14. Day Job vs Trading Career
  15. The Trading System Mistake
  16. Secret to Disciplined Trading
  17. Does Alison Profit?
  18. Zach, a Tortoise or Hare?
  19. Demo Trade the Right Way
  20. Day Job vs Live Trading

Now, it’s all over the price will be rising soon. So make sure you lock in these episodes before the price jumps in a few days.

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