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In this episode of Trading Mentors Match-off we bring back Adam Lord, the young Ozzie trader from episode 58 who had an amazing story.

Adam has recently stumbled upon quite a few new things that can knock down even the best trading gurus and he is excited to tell us what they are, especially about making back the money lost while trading and not losing it again.

Later in this episode, we will talk about how Adam is pumping steel into Phil’s trading muscles and testing his nerves; plus, what will happen if Phil blows up Adam’s piggybank.

Do Not Miss This Incredible Podcast If You Want To:

  • Discover what really happens when you move from smaller trades to larger ones.
  • Understand the biggest and the silliest reason traders lose money.
  • Know why not to panic when the trades reverse and make it all back, with the profits – the Adam’s way!
  • Know the seemingly most intelligent trick new traders use that in reality is a rookie blunder.
  • Learn to identify the right entry and exit points to ensure lucrative profits.
  • Discover the simplest trick Adam often uses to pileup profits and always comes out with more money.
  • The lifesaving tip that will keep every trader one-step away from losing money.
  • The truth about considering the bigger picture, and how it affects your account – MAGNANIMOUSLY.
  • Adam’s smart secret behind not keeping any trades pending.
  • Discover what days you are bound to lose money in the markets.
  • Know when’s the best time to bank the cash and run.
  • Understand why in most cases it is simply unintelligent to automate trades?
  • Know the exact and the smartest method of working with timeframes.

That is not all; Adam will also be sharing statements and charts where he reveals his exact entry and exit points giving you a better chance of understanding what he does.

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