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Angelo LaValle, a supply and demand trader, shares his passion for trading and the dedication required to succeed. He discusses his initial struggles with copying strategies and the importance of adapting them to fit his own trading style.

Angelo emphasizes the significance of confluences and selectivity when trading order blocks. He also highlights the role of backtesting and continual learning in developing a successful trading strategy. He shares insights on psychology, risk management, and the challenges faced by traders.

Finally, he explains the difference between sweeps and breaks in market structure. He discusses his trading strategy, which includes supply and demand, liquidity gaps, and confluences. He also talks about his preferred markets, such as US 30, NAS, and gold, and the risk-reward ratios he aims for.

Angelo also discusses the challenges of building capital and the importance of having a trading plan.

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Angelo’s Trading Strategy


Key Lessons

[11:43] You really need to adapt, to sacrifice and to put the time in.

[12:28] If you can just put a year or two aside, stick to one single strategy, stick to one or two models and not change a single thing.

[19:25] You can never stop learning, never stop adapting to the market and your strategies as a whole.

[21:19] Edge and psychology. If you don’t have those two, you’re never going to make it.

[23:46] If you get into the live market and you try to take a trade and those emotions hit you, you’re done.

[39:27] You only have one journey, and the journey is the most crucial part of a trader’s life.

[39:34] You need to love and get to love that sacrifice, that constant failure and that constant stress.

[41:57] You need to understand that losses are all part of the game.

[42:03] Those losses are what’s going to build your character. Without losses, how are you going to learn?

[46:50] Stop trying to chase all these percentage gains and focus on what is sustainable long term.

[48:42] If you’re trying to pass a challenge with a prop firm, stop trying to hit a homerun every single trade.

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