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230. Trading Nut

ICT Traders "Prop Firm Hacks"
Ethan Garland 66 mins

229. Trading Nut

Secrets of a Trading Floor Runner
Ken Chigbo 56 mins

228. Trading Nut

Have $10,000 Weeks With 99% Certainty
Ben Omer 63 mins

227. Trading Nut

Noobie Trader Fix Inside...
Navin Prithyani 48 mins

226. Trading Nut

Tales of a $150 Million Forex Trader
Dapo Willis 100 mins

225. Trading Nut

The "Real Reason" 95% of Traders Fail
Tyler Malone 59 mins

224. Trading Nut

Ex-Addict Doubled His Salary
Joe Caruso 42 mins

223. Trading Nut

Insights from an Accomplished Trader
Erik Smolinski 60 mins

222. Trading Nut

8 Years Studying Larry Williams...
Jarrod Goodwin 48 mins

221. Trading Nut

But £100k to £1 Million Took Me A Year
Mr. T 58 mins

220. Trading Nut

$10,000 to $1.1 Million...
Larry Wiliams 43 mins

219. Trading Nut

The Doctor's Take My Trades
Dr Elvis Justice Bedi 56 mins

218. Trading Nut

My Best-Kept Secrets Revealed
Scott Welsh 50 mins

217. Trading Nut

Price Action Legend Reveals Secrets
Al Brooks 69 mins

216. Trading Nut

He Threw It All Away To Trade...
Marcellino Vallihu 41 mins

215. Trading Nut

Traders Holy Grail Discovered
Kym Watson 69 mins

214. Trading Nut

Clueless to $1000 Days
Sharline Cadet 65 mins

213. Trading Nut

Upto 70% Wins on Scalp Days
Jayson Casper 43 mins

212. Trading Nut

3 Hrs Day Trading vs Amazon Job
Nathan Williams 46 mins

211. Trading Nut

He Quit Smart Money For This...
Evan Christopher 52 mins

210. Trading Nut

Manages Millions After FTMO Success
Matt Mortimer 37 mins
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