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181. Trading Nut

£2,000/Mth Fx "Side Hustle" Got Him Sacked
Gedson K 53 mins

180. Trading Nut

Robust Strategy (Works On Everything)
Casey Stubbs 48 mins

179. Trading Nut

$20,000/Mth Scalping Forex & Sleeps Easy
Jamie Palmer 73 mins

178. Trading Nut

10x Your Forex Account
Nick Shawn 41 mins

177. Trading Nut

365 Day Guide To Full Time Trading
Doyle Exchange 42 mins

176. Trading Nut

10R Trader Leaves 2R Days Behind
Diego Torres 62 mins

175. Trading Nut

He Lost Half A Million But...
Philip Salloum 47 mins

174. Trading Nut

$5k to $15 Million Revealed
Trader X 55 mins

173. Trading Nut

Studying Candle Stick Trading
Patrick Wieland 59 mins

172. Trading Nut

Fix Your Default, Fix Your Trading
Matt Zimberg 66 mins

171. Trading Nut

Forex Price Action (Not On Google)
Hooman of Forexia 47 mins

170. Trading Nut

Nintendo Kid To Stock & Crypto Trading Pro
Traveling Trader 60 mins

169. Trading Nut

$2,000 to 6 Figures Using Break & Retest
Mike Azevedo 65 mins

168. Trading Nut

Next Level Risk & Trade Management
Jeffrey Benson 55 mins

167. Trading Nut

Next Warren Buffett? And Only 19!
Alex George 51 mins

166. Trading Nut

Stylish Approach Turns Scruffy Trader Pro
Scruffy Trader 52 mins

165. Trading Nut

20 Pip Stops To Trading's Rich List
Habby Forex 55 mins

164. Trading Nut

Smart Money Trading Gets Smarter
Nathan Jester 41 mins

163. Trading Nut

From "Trading Is Easy!" To 5 Hard Years
Rolio Jack 68 mins

162. Trading Nut

10 Pip Stops, Moving Averages & 123R
Brandon Abass 55 mins

161. Trading Nut

24yr Old Turns $60k to $1.4 Million
James Storms 64 mins
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