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152. Trading Nut

How To Rank At The World Cup Trading Champs
Cristian Franchi 55 mins

151. Trading Nut

Hedge Funds to 1000 Lot Retail Trader
Steve Ruffley 60 mins

150. Trading Nut

When Blowing An Account Is Exciting
FibsDontLie 56 mins

149. Trading Nut

8 Supply & Demand Forces
Roger Khoury 51 mins

148. Trading Nut

17 Years Trading Forex In 40 Minutes
Andrew Mitchem 43 mins

147. Trading Nut

Blowing $149,000 In 1 Day
Dr. Martin 46 mins

146. Trading Nut

ICT Student Took 49,000 Screenshots
S. G. 48 mins

145. Trading Nut

8 Figure Trader Shares His Secrets
Laurence Yang 48 mins

144. Trading Nut

How to Win at Trading When Life's Hard
Lesiba Mothupi 67 mins

143. Trading Nut

How to Optimize Wealth, Health & Time
Dr. Jack Kruse 48 mins

142. Trading Nut

He Started By Beating The Market Makers
Josh 56 mins

141. Trading Nut

How To Build A Trading Career
Sacha Fxdawg 45 mins

140. Trading Nut

How To Become A 6 figure Trader
Joash Naidoo 63 mins

139. Trading Nut

Improving Your Chance Of Success
Gareth Soloway 42 mins

138. Trading Nut

Gold Trader Dominates 3 Times A Day
Stacey Burke 58 mins

137. Trading Nut

Golden Circles, Price Mimics & Baskets
Ray Francois 44 mins

136. Trading Nut

Lockdown Turned His Trading Around
Anthony Navarro 59 mins

135. Trading Nut

Scientific Approach To Trading Manually
James Eaton 50 mins

134. Trading Nut

Physios HUGE Reward Trades
Tanz of Vertex 54 mins

133. Trading Nut

High 6 Figure (YTD) Trader Shows Losses
Sami Abusaad 49 mins

132. Trading Nut

Work On Entry Points For Bigger Profits
Master FxShifu 47 mins
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