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Solomon shares his journey into trading, starting with his university days and discovering the Forex market. He explains how his experiences with physical currency exchange and traveling influenced his understanding of trading.

Solomon discusses his transition from scalping to swing trading and the importance of understanding market patterns. He emphasizes the need for an exit strategy and the benefits of hedging.

He also shares his approach to managing accounts and risk, teaching others, and maintaining the right mindset for trading.

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[09:24] Everyone’s indicator is math. It’s math formula but they can’t help you predict the future.

[12:03] If you lose, you lose. There’s no praying, there’s no begging. You have to be right, or you have to be wrong.

[24:03] You don’t know when you are going to have a bad or good week. But, as long as you keep on trading with your high percentage, your high risk-to-reward ratio, you always come on top.

[26:36] If you’re hedging; direction is important.

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[29:27] Scalping gives you a lot of profits faster than swing trading, guaranteed.

[29:53] You have to fight that urge to go with your emotions when you’re trading.

[31:08] The indicator is blocking you from seeing the charts.

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[36:17] You have to put more time and effort into it when you are trading with a larger account.

[40:16] Take your profits, withdraw your capital, use the markets’ money to trade.

[45:35] Remove your indicators. Let the charts tell you what to do.

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