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Leverage the popular Metatrader 4 or 5 charting platform.

 Frequently Asked Questions


Can I skip the 21 day drip feed & get the full course on day 1?

Yes, you sure can! While it’s recommended you take your time, if you prefer to speed through the course simply send us an email after joining.

How do I build trading robots without coding?

We use an online tool called FxDreema. It does all the coding for you. It’s a drag and drop editor which uses blocks and connectors. You can see an example of how it works in the video above.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Yes. Because FxDreema saves a massive amount of time there is, unfortunately, a cost to it. Are there other tools that do the same? Yes. Are they any good? Nope. I’ve tested them all and even retested them again in 2020 and can confirm that FxDreema is the beast among such tools.

The good news is that it’s reasonably priced and has a “pay as you go” pricing model – so you’re not locked into to any contracts. I recommend getting a 9 month package as it works out at just $9.88/month.

That said, I recommend you can try it out first, without paying a cent, here.

More good news…

When you join Robot Builders Club you have a choice, either get 9 months FxDreema free credit as a gift for completing the 21 day course or cash it in for 12 months complimentary access to Robot Traders Club, on top of the 3 months you get as part of this full membership.

How is Robot Builders Club different to Robot Traders Club (RTC)?

It’s simple.

As an RTC member you get a new robot to try every month. I call it the “Robot of the Month (ROTM)”. There are a number of other benefits, but that’s the main one.

As an Builders Club full member you get:

1) a 21 day course that teaches you how to build your own robots – using my unique, simple, time saving strategies and tactics and;

2) you get 3 months complimentary access to RTC as well as a massive monthly discount thereafter – which you can cancel at anytime ($37 $9.99/mth – saving you $27) or extend your RTC complimentary access a further 12 months by forgoing your 9 month FxDreema Subscription Credit and;

3) you can also download the source code for the ROTM (and dozens others) to import into your own FxDreema, rip out the security I’ve put in place and make these robots your own.

Is this course beginner friendly?

Pretty much!

However, if you’re brand spanking new to Forex trading I recommend doing the RTC FREE 14 day trial first. This will give you an solid understanding of Metatrader 4 and working with robots. It’ll also give you an idea of how trading strategies are put together.


I’m afraid I don’t offer refunds on Builders Club. In the 5 years this course has been running I’ve only had 1 refund request. Why so few? Because it delivers results and ultimately saves traders 000’s of hours in front of the charts. I also devote a lot of time to helping my students master this, and that time can never be taken back. If you are at all concerned, even the slightest bit, about refunds and whether or not my program is going to work for you, do not buy it. Instead, jump on the free 14 day trial of RTC, or watch the free YouTube videos explaining the ROTM strategies, or join Traders Club Standard Membership and let me do the work. If you ask for a refund after purchase, you will be denied, and if you go to your bank and try to issue a charge back dispute on the purchase of my program, you will receive a notice of legal action from my lawyer with filed charges of theft of service with intent to defraud. Please, please, please make sure you simply do not purchase if my program does not seem to be a 100% fit for you. It shouldn’t be a hard decision to make, lol.

Course outline


Watch first (11:49)

Understanding Metatrader 4 (optional)

MT4 Basics (24:57)

Expert Advisors (EA's) and MT4 Strategy Tester (17:59)

What NOT To Do

What not to do (03:29)

How Robots Work

How Robots Work (04:07)

Building Your First Robot

Understanding FxDreema EA Builder (11:44)


Quick reference guide

The Build Process – Basics (15:19)

The Build Process – Advanced (22:10)

The Build Process - Advanced - EA Download

Basic EA Build - Example (35:38)

Basic EA Build - Example - EA Download

EA Build Practice – Exercise (02:49)

EA Build Practice - Solution - EA Download

How Robots Store Information

Theory (06:51)

Working With Inputs (15:19)

Working With Variables (16:44)

Block-less Variables & Formulas (12:27)

Block-less Variables & Formulas - EA Download

Variables In The Adjust Field (03:39)

Inputs & Variables – Practice (1:39)

Inputs & Variables – Practice - EA Download

Inputs & Variables – Solution - EA Download

Working With Price

Pips & Price Fractions (16:48)

Price Levels (03:06)

Pips & Price Fractions - EA Download

Price Bars or Candles (13:43)

Trendline by Candles - EA Download

Price & Candles/Bars – Practice (03:09)

Price & Candles/Bars – Solution (1:39)

Price & Candles/Bars - Solution - EA Download

Working With Time

Types of Time (23:32)

Time – Practice (2:44)

Time – Solution (14:13)

Time - Solution - EA Download

Using Indicators (Standard & Custom)

Using Standard Indicators & Adding Custom Indicators (07:12)

Reading Custom Indicators (16:03)

Reading Custom Indicators – Example (16:10)

Reading Custom Indicators - EA Download

Custom Indicators – Practice (02:17)

Reading Custom Indicators - EA Download

Custom Indicators – Practice Solution (04:06)

Introducing Gates

Working With Gates (19:19)

Gates – Example A (10:12)

Gates – Example B (10:37)

Gates Examples - EA Download

Gates – Practice (05:02)

Gates - Practice Solution (19:40)

Gates - Practice Solution - EA Download

Gates Alternative - On/Off Gates (09:01)

Gates Alternative - EA Download

Working With Timeframes

Using Time Frames

Time Frames Time Saving Tip (02:33)

Time Frames For Faster Back Testing (24:02)

Time Frames - EA Download

Working With Symbols

Using Symbols (10:50)

Symbols - EA Download

Working With Trades (Buy & Sell Orders)

Trades Overview (07:13)

Using Buy & Sell Blocks For Entry (22:20)

Trade Exits – Partial, Trailing & Break Even (23:30)

Working With Chart Objects

Working With Objects – Fibonacci Trade Example (40:23)

Chart Objects - EA Download

Working With Loops

Looping Through Candles To Find Fractal Levels (16:49)

Loops - EA Download

Debugging Tactics

Overview of Debugging/Troubleshooting Tactics (21:40)

Building Your Template Robot

Template Build (50:36)

Template Build - News Filter (30:32)

Template Robot - EA Download


9 Month FxDreema Subscription Boost - normally $89

52 Traders Podcast Archive - normally $697

Trading Mentors Match-Off Audio Series - normally $97

My Original FxDreema Course - value $697

FREE Robot Traders Club for 3 Months - value $111

Discounted Robot Traders Club after 3 Mths - value $26/mth (only $9.99)

20+ Ready Made EA's (Import them into your FxDreema) - value $2000+

VIP Chat Room Access & Live Video Training

Invest in yourself today. Relax in the future.

Still deciding on whether or not to pull the trigger? I understand. Its probably because you still have questions and need help deciding on whether or not RBC is right for you. Makes sense!

Reach out to me and I’ll tell you, honestly, if the program is right for you. No hard sales pitches here. If it’s not the right fit I’ll let you know. Click the link below to send me an email:

Have questions? Contact Cam.

Get started now!

To your success!

Cam Hawkins 
Founder of

Disclaimer: Futures, forex, stock, and options trading are not appropriate for all traders. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can ensure returns or against losses. No representation or implication is being made that using any of these methodologies or systems will generate returns or ensure against losses.

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