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Hunter shares his experience as an ICT trader and how he developed his own trading model. He emphasizes the importance of trading within two candles and taking a portion of the market. He discusses the concept of fractal trading and how he looks for specific characteristics between two candles to make trading decisions.

Hunter also explains his risk-to-reward approach and how he aims to extract a portion of the market movement rather than aiming for fixed ratios. He shares his experience of backtesting and forward testing his model and the importance of watching the market to gain confidence in the strategy.

He shares his experience with trading and prop firms, as well as his approach to balancing trading with a day job.

Podcast Interview


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Hunter’s Trading Strategy


Key Lessons

[13:44] If you take away the timeframe, you have no clue what chart you’re looking at.

[15:27] All these concepts are kind of laid between two candles, one’s telling the story, the other’s going to give you the opportunity.

[41:51] Understand the fractality of the market, understand that this happens all across the board every timeframe.

[43:38] Taking breaks from trading was good on the mental space.

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[46:09] Go look at one candlestick and how it evolves. That’s a huge foundation.

[47:10] Go study one candle, watch how it uses the opening price, watch how it forms a low and then trades back the opening price and study how quickly it runs after that opening price.

[47:26] Just look at the internals of one candlestick and start to get familiar with what a 60-minute candle looks like on a 15-second or 1-minute chart.

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