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Jose Fernandes, a funded trader who also has a day job, shares his trading journey, starting with his interest in forex trading after seeing the potential for fast money and financial freedom. He talks about his experience with various courses and signals, blowing multiple accounts, and the importance of learning from losses.

Jose emphasizes the simplicity of trading and the need for risk management. He discusses his trading strategy, which involves analyzing higher timeframes for bias and using confluence of technical analysis tools for entries.

Jose also shares his mindset and approach to trading, including his ability to detach emotionally from trades and his focus on making consistent profits.

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Jose’s Trading Strategy


Key Lessons

[03:59] The trading bible is the only book honesty, if you want to dive in forex, is all you need.

[08:36] Trade is this simple. Either it’s buying or selling. There’s no crazy education needed.

[08:42] All you need is a billion of risk. That’s it. It’s either you put in that lot and stand on it or you run it out.

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[08:51] It’s all about risk management. We sit by and just wait until it’s profit.

[09:06] Just keep it simple. Trade is less simple.

[34:11] People don’t realize, as soon as you place the trade, you should expect to lose and be numb to these charts.

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[36:37] To save you all the time, you need to demo and forget all about the live account.

[37:02] Get a prop firm account if you know how to trade. Don’t even do no personal.

[42:18] Master you risk management, so you always stay on top of the game.

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