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Luca, a forex trader, shares his trading journey and the lessons he has learned along the way. He emphasizes the importance of embracing the challenges of trading and being open-minded to learning from others.

Luca discusses how he transitioned from MLM trading to independent trading and the role of mentors and networking in his success. He also talks about the importance of changing strategies, sample sizing, and focusing on specific trading sessions and pairs.

Luca shares his three-step strategy and the concept of liquidity sweeps. He concludes by discussing his balance between prop trading and personal trading. He discusses the importance of learning from failures and the role of risk management in prop firm challenges.

Luca shares his trading routine and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He advises traders to embrace the challenges of trading and be open-minded.

Podcast Interview


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Luca’s Trading Strategy


Key Lessons

[05:47] If you are taking 20 trades a day, just throw your phone away.

[13:28] The money will come if you have the skill set.

[42:06] Embrace the suck. Embrace that you’re going to suck at trading, that you’re going to lose at it.

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[42:25] If you are okay with being a loser, you will become a winner.

[44:53] If you’re already unhealthy and you’re eating bad, not working out and you’re also losing interest in becoming a pro, you’re just going to dig yourself a hole.

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[48:24] Don’t be greedy and have like little, tiny little stop losses, but figure out ways to be able to lower your stop losses to overall increase your risk reward.

[50:35] Be open-minded and be grateful. Manifest your dreams into reality.

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