Traders often use a demo or sim account to practice executing their strategies in real time without the added pressure of:

a) Making mistakes
b) Blowing accounts
c) Ultimately, losing money

So, is practicing on a demo account the same as practicing with real money at stake?

We answer this question, and plenty more, in this episode of Trading Mentors Match-off where we catch up on how our South African/USA pairing Derek & Alison are doing, two months into the challenge of turning Alison into a consistently profitable trader.

In this episode you’ll also discover:

  • A trading platform hack that’ll help you identify trends better
  • A trick that’ll help you become a more patient trader
  • A weird (but free) technology that helps make your trading laser focused
  • How Alison is progressing in this challenge (incl. her statement)

You’ll also get access to handy trading software that sends alerts to your phone and PC when a price level is hit (Very handy if you don’t want to sit waiting for that perfect setup).

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