We’re well into month 1 of Trading Mentors Match-off and today we hear from Derek Vandelinder and his student Alison Forsyth.

For me, this episode highlights the biggest obstacle newbie traders face. And it’s probably not what you think.

If you think I’m talking about:

  • Picking the wrong strategy
  • Keeping your stops too tight
  • Risking too much
  • Revenge trading
  • Over leveraging

You’re on the wrong track.

I believe newbie failure is all down to one thing “self sabotage”.

I can see this in myself and, in this episode, you’ll see how Alison shows a lot of self sabotaging traits early on in this challenge.

I see self sabotage kicking in “Waaaay” before a trader starts placing trades. In fact, it happens as soon as you decide to become a trader and I believe it’s the major reason most of us fail at this game.

How do you fix your “Self Sabotage”?

This episode will help you identify one of the major factors of self sabotage and steer you back on the “road to success”.

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