Can it be we’ve discovered one of the best trading strategies of all time?

Has Trading Mentors Match-off been the genesis of such a strategy that can be used successfully on multiple time frames?

If you’ve been following the series so far, you’ll be dying to hear how (late pairing) Andre and Phil are getting on as they chase the pack.

This weeks hour long episode delivers more twists and turns on our journey to a) help keen traders and b) test their mentors.

In the show I grill Andre on the specifics of his trading and we find out:

  • How much work is involved to really make this work?
  • How tight  you can put a stop loss and still find “uber” success
  • The myth behind Monday and Friday trading
  • What you need to drop and how to drop it to make a fundamental success shift
  • What signs to look out for before everything “just clicks”

All will be revealed in this episode of Trading Mentors Match-off.


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