Let’s welcome Andre Stewart to the Trading Mentors Match-off challenge!

It was unfortunate that Adam Lord had to pull out due to a conflict of interest. But the show must go on, so Andre takes his place as our new TMM mentor to teaching Adam student, Phil.

Andre is now a successful full-time trader enjoying the fruits of his hard work spending quality time hanging out with his kids. So, let’s find out how he’ll go about transforming Phil into profitable trader through this challenge.

If you’re yet to hear Andre’s success story, you can listen to his full interview (on the house).

In this show Andre reveals:

  • How he’ll transform Phil to becoming profitable naked chart trader
  • What’s the right time to start live trading
  • The kind of mindset his student should have towards trading
  • The proper way to analyze your charts
  • The exact working strategy he’s using to teach Phil
  • Different characteristics of pairs you should understand
  • His unique money management approach 
  • How you should treat your demo and live accounts
  • Why you should develop your own trading psychology
  • One good habit every trader must implement
  • Where to focus and put most of your time
  • His ultimate goal in teaching Phil

Includes 4 fantastic video recommendations, every trader must watch.

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