What an twist of fate to end up here!

In this “quite amazing” episode, we have Andre Stewart back on the show after his short cameo earlier in the series as one of the students who took part in my series with the mysterious Nick (episode 31). Andre was a down and out trader who had spent 000’s on scam mentors.

Since then, things have changed for him… A LOT!

Andre shares his amazing story, from getting fired, to almost blowing his $300 account in 1 week, and how he turned it all around to become a full time trader in just a matter of days…

How did he do it? Find out below…

Also, in this podcast you’ll discover:

  • How to pick the best times/hottest markets
  • Supply and demand zone trading (with a difference)
  • Trades with risk to reward of up to 1:15 and close within 2 hours!
  • How to trade consistently profitable with a naked chart
  • 2 “must have” mind hacks that’ll help you master trading.
  • Andre’s #1 trading mentor (he’s had a lot)
  • A trading psychology video he swears by
  • How to trade full time when you have a family of 4 to support
  • One habit that’ll make you a better trader.
  • Andre’s full 100 pip/day trading strategy (Marked up charts included)
  • What life changes you need to make to succeed

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