In part 1 of Trading Mentors Match-off we paint a “before” picture of both our traders and mentors – a bit like you’d see on a Reality TV show like Extreme Makeover.

In fact, in these interviews our three traders are yet to meet their mentors.

Which means… We get to hear their fresh and unbiased “trading story”.

What you’ll hear today will resonate with you – especially if struggling to find consistency with your trading and are desperate for a change in fortune.

In this show, we meet our first trader, known as Kiwi.

Kiwi is a 23 year old Engineering Student from Copenhagen, Denmark.

He already has a lot of trading experience for his age… Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the “high speed train to success” he was expecting… More like a “roller coaster that came off the rails”.

You’ll hear Kiwi share his journey and reveal insights you would normally spend $1000’s discovering yourself.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • One well known trader you should probably avoid, saving you $$$
  • One trick big name brokers use to “sucker punch” newbie traders
  • 3 crazy things you should never do when entering and managing a trade
  • A massive psychological weakness among most traders
  • Two cheap & reliable resources for your Forex education
  • A Persian trader who made 5000% gains in just 8 days (while running a company)
  • Two trading books to get you started
  • Kiwi’s personal 15/30 minute time frame strategy (incl. marked up chart)
  • 3 unique ways to deal with your emotions
  • What can happen when you risk big (and stupid things you shouldn’t do)
  • A fun thing to do with your monthly trading statement

You’ll also see a copy of Kiwi’s $5,000 trading statement… .

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