This week we meet Avdo’s student, Zach Faraone.

Zach, based in Florida, works in engineering and started out in stocks before finding Forex was the perfect fit.

Zach is fairly new to trading and gives our Trading Mentors Match-off challenge an exciting edge – bringing a very different experience and psychological approach than our other TMM students.

In the show, Zach reveals:

  • A “must read” book that’ll kick-start your interest in a #traderslife
  • How growing his account by 60% led to 2 important lessons for us all
  • An amazing (FREE) resource every Forex trader should check out
  • A great recommendation that’ll save you lots of cash
  • What popular trading system made him stop trading
  • A psychological hurdle that could be holding you back
  • His 2016 trading woes
  • Two common levels he used for his exits which simply didn’t work
  • How fear and greed can take control of your trading
  • What not to do with your risk to reward
  • His three words of advice for newbie traders – “wise words from this newbie”
  • A major weakness he wants to overcome – is it the same as yours?
  • One thing that may help with your psychology

You’ll also see a copy of Zach’s recent trading statement

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