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What an educational update from Derek and Alison, in our second Trading Mentors Match-off month three update!

This episode gave me a great idea to help improve my back testing as well as a view on the “wacky approach” I had to ridding myself of money mindset issues.

But most importantly it highlighted a BIG problem we all have when it comes to purchasing trading systems on the internet. Here’s the problem in a nut shell:

“We try and execute the trading system just like its creator”.

Sounds weird right, because that’s exactly why we purchased the system… isn’t it?!?

You’ll find out why it’s “not that weird” when you join this 7+ hour long drama packed trading audio series – Simply plug it into your Smartphone during your daily commute, while you’re out running or at your day job.

Trust me, this series is better than any trading audio book you’ve listened to in the past 12 months.

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