Our three students have said goodbye to their mentors and are and over the past week I’ve caught
a) stay focused on trading goals
b) keep their trading motivation levels high
c) establish a trading routine
I had to laugh when Phil shared it. What’s more, it didn’t sound like something he was going to share and it’s so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it earlier.
To hear what the secret is and find out which mentor is winning at the 3 month stage, jump on board this 21 episode series (we’re currently 17 episodes in and have 4 to go!),
In this show you’ll discover:

  • How to force yourself to do back testing (even when you don’t feel like it)
  • How to come up with a strategy that fits your own personality
  • How to fit trading into a busy life
  • What’s a realistic financial target look like for a trader with a good day job
  • Good ways to take the long term view on wealth generation

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Plus, past guest Daniel Cheung is also in the group helping traders make the most of the markets.

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