In this episode of Trading Mentors Match-off I welcome back our 2nd Forex trading mentor Avdo.

Avdo shared his popular 1 minute GBPJPY scalping strategy when he was last on the show, which quickly became the most downloaded episode on 52 Traders, to date.

And that’s exactly why I wanted to get him back on here as part of this challenge.

Not only so you could hear more from him but also to see how his strategy is holding up and, more importantly, if he can take struggling trader (Zach Faraone) and make him profitable.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The unique way he marries his scalping strategy with his new one for max. profit
  • A big realization that helped him catch tops, bottoms and reversals on the 1 minute chart
  • Where to find profit packed smaller trends to make more than just a few pips
  • The math around his scalping strategy to net 400 pips/month
  • A special market pattern that happens 90% of the time (and how institutions make it occur)
  • Exactly when to dip into the market to extract pips with his unique setup
  • How he profits from this odd market occurrence
  • What 2 tools he uses to find profit targets and where to place them
  • How you could go about replicating this on your own
  • The 2 time-frames he uses for confirmation
  • Massive pip moves being caught by his students on the 1 minute chart
  • One important thing that’ll help you succeed in Forex
  • How he maintains his high win rate of 95%
  • The 3 magically simple ingredients that help you put his system to work
  • One thing that undermines almost every unsuccessful day trader
  • One important but “hard to commit to” thing that will help Zach become profitable
  • The other currency pair Avdo now trades – it behaves very much like GBPJPY
  • Details on how to setup your profit targets with his system
  • Money management ideas for $100 to $1-2,000 accounts
  • His favorite podcast episode for psychology advice

I also reveal the mentor I spent 3 weeks learning from, earlier this year, who I saw turned $80 into $20,000 in just a matter of days.

Join below and also download Avdo’s recent trading statement and a marked up chart showing how his new system works

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