Back for a second time, Derek Vandelinder shares how he’s approaching the Trading Mentors Match-off  challenge and mentoring his new student from Denmark, Kiwi.

Before you dive in here, I recommend listening to Kiwi’s interview to understand the challenge Derek has in front of him.

In this show Derek reveals:

  • The best way to tackle any trading course
  • The biggest problem you’ll face learning ANY new strategy & how to fix it 
  • The strange behavior you’ll adopt if who’ve lost BIG
  • The one thing he’s focused on to make Kiwi (and maybe you) profitable
  • The top 2 things he considers most important for trading success
  • Issues you’ll find in the market, at the moment
  • What single event resulted in his best trading day this month
  • The type of market that gives him the most pips
  • His NEW trade management style that’s working super well
  • The biggest problem every trader faces when following a system
  • One thing that’s going to help Kiwi out “a lot”
  • How much demo trading to do before going live
  • One important thing you need to be successful with this strategy
  • Why some people just “get it” and others don’t
  • How many hours you need to put in each week to be successful
  • One major issue that trips up every unsuccessful trader
  • … And the one simple trick that will fix it
  • Two essential books for trading psychology
  • What to risk on a $500 account
  • What “Uber” success will look like at the end of this challenge
  • The crazy results his students are getting
  • How many Pips you can expect on a slow day and a great week.

You’ll also see a copy of Derek’s recent trading statement

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