When Kiwi decided to extend his vacation, we had no option left but to bring in Alison Forsyth to replace him on Trading Masters Match-off. Alison is now wheelchair bound with MS, has been a spreadsheet analyst all her life and has been demo trading Futures for quite some time. And now she turns her hand to Forex for a second time, as part of this challenge.

In this podcast, we explore her trading experience where she tells why she freaks out when she enters the real market and how she plans to make at least $100 a day in profits.

This Podcast Will Help You Overcome All The Fears New Traders Have By Revealing:

  • The biggest hurdle new traders face and what needs to be done to overcome it and learn trading for real.
  • The right strategy of grabbing opportunities when you seem to be losing everything
  • All the mentoring Alison has taken from “experts” that you should avoid!
  • The one trading academy that really gave Alison the much-needed confidence and made her start understanding the rules of trading.
  • What happens when you go against your own rules?
  • How hard you can fall if you shoot for the moon too early?
  • The key to understanding the trading market and how she got the hang of it.
  • How to take your scalping technique to a completely new level.
  • Why still take the next trade when everything seems to be falling apart?
  • The one psychological technique that can help in overcoming trading fears!
  • The expert who can reprogram your psychological DNA.
  • The life changing podcasts that can turn your wobbly life to super successful.
  • The one thing you need to focus on to get your trading right.
  • The words of wisdom Mark Douglas told Alison in their private phone conversation just prior to his passing.

Plus, How Alison Is All Set To Overturn Her Life By Making Forex Trading The Arc Reactor Of Her Lifestyle!

And, marked up charts of the strategy Alison shares on the show.

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