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You’ll be surprised at the number of ex-poker players I’ve had on the show over the years… It must be at handful at least.

Today you’ll meet another. Not only that, you’ll get a good insight into how the art of playing poker can relate to you as a trader.

Today’s trader goes by the handle, Uncle Ted and if you want to know more about what him and his Toronto clan get up to, check out my interview with recent guest Raja Rakeel (aka WicksDontLie) after devouring this…

Podcast Interview


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Interview Links

Instagram – @uncle_ted_
YouTube – WicksDontLie

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Key Lessons

[09:32] It didn’t matter what size trades you put in. The market was gonna turn around and reject that trade, so to speak.

[11:31] It supplemented my income. I never thought I’d become a full-time trader. It was never my dream.

[15:08] Everybody has a unique style that they were able to tailor their own.

[15:39] The basis of trading is: nothing’s ever gonna go up forever and nothing’s ever gonna go down forever.

[17:10] I noticed on the higher timeframes everything moves a lot slower, so you almost have a “forgiveness”.

[20:35] Before the market open on Sunday night, we would sit for 2 hours and we would just talk about trading.

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[23:06] When you start trading, you already have a preconceived notion of who you are and what you think you’re entitled to.

[28:03] Anytime that you’re entering or doing something or you wanna get ahead, you have to look to figure out how to exploit what you’re doing.

[30:31] If you’re sitting in dinner and you have a thought in your head of boredom, pick up your phone and start reading something.

[38:59] The biggest thing I’ve learned in the last 5 years is I wanna secure profit as soon as possible.

[39:15] Human psychology doesn’t allow you to keep taking loss, after loss, after loss.

[41:32] The biggest thing in trading is ego.

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[42:06] When you trade, when you go to the grocery store, when you line up to pay for your groceries, the cashier does not ask you “So, how many pips did you grab today?”, they ask you “Are you paying cash or credit?”.

[44:19] Do what you feel is comfortable, don’t worry about everybody else.

[51:25] Focus on 1, 2, or 3 pairs and just really understand the nuances.

[55:31] Trade the currency pair where you live.

[61:18] If I’m not a 100% certain on what I’m doing, I don’t execute.

[61:55] Figure out what triggers you in terms of how you manage yourself on a day-to-day basis and then look to read behavioral books, psychology books, to understand those emotions and then release yourself from those triggers.

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