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In a lineup of traders, Conor Sadler might not be the first person you’d select. Originally a tradesman in the UK, Conor discovered his passion for financial markets while working as a laborer.

Despite some initial setbacks, Conor eventually embraced a trading strategy centered around Pitchforks. Surprisingly, this particular approach became the cornerstone of his success, catapulting his initial investment of £250 to an impressive £127,000 in just a few years.

To unravel the secrets behind Conor’s journey, delve into the intricacies of the pitchfork strategy, and understand the reasons behind his strategic shift, tune in and explore below.

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Conor’s Trading Strategy (coming soon…)

Key Lessons

[25:37] Trading is 70% mindset.

[27:34] Just look at the percentage. Take yourself away from the money side of it and it’s so much easier on your mind.

[43:35] If you can get a bit of a chart time in, get the experience in.

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[44:29] Definitely do a lot of backtesting. Backtesting is key with certain strategies.

[45:37] Just try to get as much chart time as possible and don’t be afraid to use your demo accounts.

[48:42] FOMO is really bad for you.

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[48:56] There’s going to be trade there. Just wait for the right one.

[59:28] If you have a good discipline … then it will transfer over trading as well.

[62:30] The real gritty hard trader is taking losses. Be happy with taking losses.

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