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In this conversation, Dovy FX shares his trading journey and the importance of emotional discipline in trading. He emphasizes the need to fall in love with the process and eliminate emotions from trading decisions.

Dovy FX also discusses the significance of having a trading system with an edge and the importance of backtesting to validate the system. He highlights the need to minimize mistakes and adapt to market conditions. Additionally, he shares insights on exit strategies and the importance of risk management.

Dovy shares insights into his trading approach and mindset. He discusses taking profits and managing trades, using key levels in trading, and the importance of discipline and focus. Dovy also talks about finding happiness in trading, the evolution of his trading mindset, and how trading can be a stress-free job. He shares his experience with prop firm funding and managing multiple prop firm accounts. He also highlights the significance of acquiring capital for trading success.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @dovy.fx
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Key Lessons

[10:49] It’s okay to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes in trading. Learn from those mistakes and never do them again.

[16:55] Trading is about understanding your edge and following your risk management.

[19:10] Trading is not easy especially when you come to trading without any guidance.

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[38:57] In trading, there must be no emotions involved even if you’re losing or if you’re winning.

[55:52] If you want to make trading as your job, you need to understand that having a right risk management is crucially important.

[57:15] If you build your edge and you acquire big capital, that’s all you need.

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[59:16] Go build your mental stability and strength because trading is hard mentally.

[59:48] [The process of] Trading is easy. You just multiply money by clicking a button.

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