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David Hale is a seasoned trader with an impressive 23-year track record in the financial markets. Author of “Reminiscences of a Day Trader,” David is a true maestro in the art of trading.

In this episode, he unveils the secrets behind his unique “glitch” strategies (including arbitrage trading), a term he’s coined for a method that’s proven to be a game-changer. He also takes us into the fascinating realms of scalping and tape reading, explaining why he’s chosen these intricate strategies over the years. But what makes his journey truly captivating is his tale of resilience. From hitting rock bottom to making a triumphant comeback, David shares the highs, the lows, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

Get ready for a masterclass in trading wisdom as he unravels the glitch strategy and the story behind his remarkable trading journey.

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Twitter(X) – @CREAMtrader
Website – David-Hale.com

Recommended Book

Reminiscences of a Day Trader by David Hale


Key Lessons

[08:48] The key is to have the right strategy. Be ready for it [volatility]. And when it hits, you have to step and really go for it.

[12:08] You’re a trader, so the goal is to find the edge.

[12:16] The goal is to find these markets that are inefficient, that there’s a lot of volatility and then look for arbitrage on those markets.

[14:28] You got to find the arbitrage and then you got to be fast in executing it.

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[18:16] When you’re looking for edge, there’s really not a better strategy than market making.

[25:01] You don’t have to win all the time. You just have to be consistently punching out of the losers.

[25:24] Get your education as cheap as possible.

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[25:50] If you don’t have that discipline and you can’t develop that habit, you have no chance.

[35:14] It’s good to know where the edge is but then you have to develop your strategy.

[46:38] If you’re trading without a strategy with edge, that’s not trading, that is gambling.

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