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Waqar Asim is a savvy trader with a knack for decoding market trends.

Through his Twitter signals and adept partial profit-taking, Waqar demonstrates a disciplined approach to trading that yields impressive win rates. He stresses the significance of grasping price dynamics and learning from experienced mentors, offering invaluable guidance to newcomers in the field.

With strategies tailored to various trading intervals, including the meticulous analysis of M1 charts, Waqar’s journey exemplifies the rewards of patience and a deep understanding of market intricacies.

Podcast Interview


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Twitter – @WaqarAsim10
YouTube – @WaqarAsim.

Waqar’s Trading Strategy (Part 1)

Waqar’s Trading Strategy (Part 2)


Key Lessons

[10:43] Every strategy works otherwise it wouldn’t be a strategy. It’s just you’ve got to look at the percentile of profitability.

[16:15] Your risk management, profit taking, trade model and win rates should be backed by data.

[20:05] If you’re trying to build a good psychology on a flawed system, it’s a waste of time.

[23:17] If you’re trying to control something that you can’t control, it’s going to drive your psychology insane.

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[24:01] You have to have a proven edge, data and models.

[26:52] If you haven’t made $10K/month yet, don’t be trading. It’s not your best vehicle yet.

[37:50] Trading is not a time freedom vehicle. It’s a cash generating method that gives you geographical freedom and financial freedom.

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[47:48] SMC has now become retail.

[49:29] Liquidity is the fuel of the market.

[49:37] You have to realize volatility comes from liquidity. Manipulation is liquidity. Orders are liquidity. That’s the only essence of the market.

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