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Imagine being 19, navigating the Indian stock exchange and trading gold in a small Indian village. Suddenly, a family friend, an Investment Banker from Dubai, suggests moving there to refine your trading skills. Would you take the leap, and could you thrive in this new financial landscape?

Meet Umar Punjabi, who faced this exact dilemma. In this episode, explore Umar’s journey from a village in India to establishing his own hedge fund in Dubai. His story is a testament to determination, resilience, and the transformative power of taking calculated risks.

Don’t miss this insightful interview and charting video with Umar Punjabi. Discover the strategies and insights that propelled him from a humble beginning to the helm of his own hedge fund in one of the world’s most dynamic financial markets.

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Instagram – @umarpnj @thealphatraderofficial

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Umar’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[11:00] It doesn’t really make sense to trade so many pairs unless you’re on a very short timeframe.

[20:38] Once you do trade for a long enough period of time, it just becomes part of your lifestyle.

[26:28] When you focus on just one thing, and just only one thing, it really makes you aware about so much. Instead, if you’re focusing on, say, five pairs, for example.

[36:26] When you’re relying only and only on trading, and you’re not profitable, it takes a very big toll on your mental health, because then you’re pressurized to make money.

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[36:36] Trading is something you cannot do under pressure.

[36:56] One of the biggest mistakes that I see all the young guys do, they’re dropping out of college, they’re dropping out leaving everything and getting into trading.

[37:12] Building an income source, which is going to pay you and continue to pay you whether you lose money in trading or not, is a very big help.

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[38:12] As you’re building your income source, continue to educate yourself about trading, obviously, that is always going to be there completely.

[45:07] Start developing discipline in small, small things that you do.

[45:18] Once you learn how to be disciplined into just one specific thing of your life, then you can use that quality and you can apply it to trading as well.

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