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Meet Aves World, a dynamic trader who has transitioned from his roots as an SMC trader to embrace the innovative strategies of Malaysian SNR trading.

With a keen focus on maximizing reward potentials, Aves has refined his approach to trading, harnessing the nuances of SNR variations to achieve remarkable success. Through meticulous analysis and strategic planning, he has unlocked the key to consistent growth in the markets.

Aves is not just a trader; he’s a visionary mentor, guiding others on how to effortlessly grow their accounts with the SNR strategy.

Join Aves World on a transformative journey where financial freedom is within reach for all who dare to follow his lead.

Podcast Interview


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Ave’s Trading Strategy


Key Lessons

[29:32] You can say whatever you want about the charts in hindsight, but when you are seated there as a human being analyzing the charts, you still don’t know exactly for certain what’s going to happen tomorrow.

[32:17] As a mentor or somebody who somewhat has influence over the trading space, you need to promote good habits.

[32:45] If you’re confident in your abilities, it is a brilliant thing for you to get yourself a funded challenge.

[34:26] It’s what you do in the bad days that determine the future of your trading account.

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[36:18] The markets, although they’re not completely random, they do have an element of randomness to them.

[37:40] Once you’ve gained some form of profitability and you’ve understood the system that you’re trading, educate yourself on one pair to build consistency.

[38:32] Even though you’re following the rules religiously, you need to still be flexible.

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[40:18] When you deal with different currencies, you deal with different behaviors, and you need to spend time understanding how these currencies react differently.

[50:21] You have to think like you are a business owner of your account.

[50:41] Don’t attach emotions to your trade.

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