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Pulak Priyesh shares his trading journey, starting from his early days in the Indian stock market to becoming a successful trader in various markets. He emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes, developing strategies, and maintaining discipline.

Pulak also discusses his experience winning a trading challenge and gaining recognition from prominent traders. He highlights the significance of sharing knowledge and building a network of like-minded traders. Additionally, he explores advanced trading techniques, including scalping and hedging strategies in the forex market.

In this conversation, Pulak Priyesh discusses different trading strategies for different accounts, the differences between manual trading and auto trading, the importance of developing personal trading strategies, managing multiple strategy ideas, dedicating time to trading and research, favorite trading sessions and markets, a step-by-step process to become a trader, the importance of consistency and risk management, and the learning opportunities presented by market manipulations.

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Key Lessons

[25:47] Controlling your emotions is something which is very difficult.

[25:59] Mental ability is something which you actually cannot develop in a day.

[29:54] Whatever the trades you are taking, you should be neutral about it.

[37:58] You need to be realistic about the returns you’re going to make.

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[38:05] You have to take it as a business, you cannot take it as a gambling.

[43:45] You should not be making more positions or taking huge lots which is actually disturbing your risk management.

[50:04] You are not actually arguing with the market. You are not just fighting with the market.

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[56:12] Don’t look for more strategies on the internet because you have to develop it by yourself.

[61:38] Try to be more consistent towards your trades, like consistent about the risk management, it is more important.

[63:46] You need to be more accurate about the thought process which you have developed throughout your trading.

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