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Fabrizio Alessandro, an Italian-based trader, shares his trading journey and approach. He emphasizes the importance of observing the market in real-time and focusing on what the market is actually doing rather than predicting its future movements.

Fabrizio discusses his analytical models, including net percentage change and Fibonacci levels, which help him identify support and resistance levels. He also explains his contrarian trading approach and how he manages trades by moving stop losses to breakeven and taking profits frequently.

Fabrizio concludes by discussing his transition to Darwinex and the importance of collaboration in trading.

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Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[09:16] One thing that traders usually mess up is they think of what the market is going to do without looking at what the market is actually doing right now.

[17:18] You can always better yourself and you should aim too to always better yourself.

[18:28] Strive to find a system and apply that every day for a long period of time.

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[20:23] The market always shows you the same pattern around those relevant areas that we monitor.

[23:25] If you want to trade and be effective you need all the information on your platform.

[31:35] When you get caught in a bad position, you waste time and you lose money.

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[42:55] The first hour of negotiation of almost every session can be quite misleading.

[44:35] The most important thing is to eliminate the risk if you can.

[45:03] If you want to be consistently profitable, you have to take profit frequently.

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