Crafting a list of distinctive teenage experiences that shape one’s future, Abdu Salem‘s real-life exploits stand out prominently. From orchestrating an “in-game” casino at the age of 14, transforming play money into tangible cash, to fortuitously entering the world of Bitcoin prior to its surge to $2000, and subsequently earning recognition as a semi-professional gamer—Abdu’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Now, as a 7-figure funded trader, he exudes wisdom beyond his years.

What truly captivates is Abdu’s adept utilization of these diverse life encounters to master the intricacies of the financial markets, culminating in his transition to a full-time trader.

Delve into our interview to discover the genesis of his journey and the seamless connection between his life experiences and the dynamic world of trading. For an in-depth understanding of his strategies, explore his chart breakdown video and unravel the story of how he achieved his remarkable feats.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @abdutrades

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Abdu’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[20:38] You’re going to lose to someone else who does it all the time.

[28:24] I think a lot of people are self-sabotaging themselves. They find ways to fail.

[28:40] The trading space has a lot of scammers.

[36:33] Patience is a key trait in trading, as waiting for high-probability trades can lead to better results.

[42:30] The market doesn’t know about you. You’re just a small player in the grand scheme of things.

[44:13] If you really knew your trades, when it loses, you wouldn’t really think about it. You would just kind of know.

[47:32] Greed and mismanagement of positions is one of the biggest mistakes people make in trading.

[83:58] Make yourself the asset.

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