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Meet Ali Khan, a distinctive ICT-style trader hailing from the northern regions of the UK—a true rarity in the dynamic world of trading. Ali not only successfully completed the rigorous year-long Charter Course offered by ICT but also emerged as one of its standout students, possessing an expertise that sets him apart.

In this episode, delve into Ali’s fascinating journey from being a pharmacy owner to mastering the intricacies of ICT trading, navigating through the highs and lows. Gain insights into how he tackled challenges associated with ADHD while simultaneously juggling the realms of learning and trading, ultimately achieving success.

Furthermore, Ali generously shares the “cheat code” to ICT’s favored setup in a concise 14-minute charting mini-course. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your trading knowledge—tune in and enjoy!

Podcast Interview


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Twitter – @Ali_Khan_ICT
Instagram – @ali_khan_ict
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Ali’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[12:20] With good money management, good risk management, following your rules, you can make money.

[24:34] If you cannot find out where you are weak, how are you supposed to improve yourself?

[26:25] You need to calm down, relax your ass and start making rules.

[27:02] When you start understanding how smart money is pairing long positions with the sell stops below old lows and offsetting those to the buyers who are willing buyers with a big flag waving above old highs, you understand that?

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[33:27] You do not need anything other than that 2022 model it’s that damn good.

[42:15] When you really understand market maker models, you can trade anything and everything, any timeframe, it doesn’t matter, because the market is booked on market, maker models and buy and sell programs.

[54:48] You want to trade when the probability is the highest in your favor.

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[69:02] Making money is also as hard sometimes as losing money because you have to deal with them kind of emotions.

[71:45] You have to give yourself time, it could take years.

[72:28] Just take it slow, not putting the pressure on yourself trying to rush the process. Take your time and enjoy it.

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