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Is he really “Just Some Trader” or the “Trader We All Aspire To Be”?

As the saying goes, “You make your own luck”. And this was no different. Through the connections I had inadvertantly made along this journey I was able to not only able to connect with, but also chat with one of those rare gems in trading… A trader I had the pleasure of personally verifying, who could actually trade.

But there was a catch.

He wanted complete anonymity. Sooo… we had to do things a little different.

Take a listen below (this one should be bookmarked).

Podcast Interview


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Interview Links

Instagram – @justsometrader

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Want to meet JustSomeTrader's mentor?

Well, he's been on the show before, and all you need to do to meet him and hear the interview we did is click the link below:

Click here for his mentor

Key Lessons

[06:17] My mentor has always said that the chart is nothing more than human behavior.

[08:29] Profitable trading is a bit about your own psychology and how you see things.

[12:48] Once you stay stagnant, your account balance will go to the person that’s more hungry than you.

[16:54] You have to learn to see what’s not there and that will give you the edge you need.

[20:38] You can’t copy anyone else, you sould do what you see.

[20:58] You have to realize it doesn’t really matter what’s on the charts, it matters in what kind of trader you are.

[22:17] I became a better trader trading my own money.

[24:39] The market will tell you exactly what to do if you watch. No emotions just watch.

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[28:57] The money is not what’s important but it’s what you learned in the process.

[32:10] Do whatever it takes. If you sacrifice sleep, it’s something bigger than self.

[32:25] If it’s not working and you’re doing it over and over and over again, you’re quite silly. It’s very stupid.

[33:55] The lower in a buy the position the higher I’m expecting it to run and vice versa.

[34:29] Get away from pattern trading.  Get away from the forums. Get away from these stupid books. The answer is not there.

[34:56] We study liquidity and we understand how it works in high probability trades.

[35:25] Price is literally everything, but people are looking at patterns and market maker methods.

[47:20] See what is not there. Look beyond the charts and what it presents.

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@JustSomeTrader’s Trading

  • He uses the hour timeframe for his trade executions
  • He holds his positions depending on what the market is telling him
  • He enjoys spending his time with his family when he’s not trading
  • He checks the news daily before entering any trade
  • He trades any market, indices and commodities
  • It took him two and a half to three years before he became a profitable trader
  • He only risks between 1% to 5% of his account
  • He doesn’t trade Cryptocurrencies
  • He never adds a position when the market is at a potential target
  • He looks at every pair just to practice his analysis

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