22 trader motivation clips for 2022

What better way to wrap up 2021 and say “Thank you” to all my wonderful listeners and viewers, than by giving you a gift you can use throughout 2022 and beyond.

Whenever you need a boost during the year to get your trading back on track, or keep that winning streak going a few more days or weeks… just hit play and soak up the words of wisdom from some of trading’s finest.

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22 Motivational Quotes

“Trading should be about those enormous trades, those absolutely massive, killer trades that come up every once in a while, a couple of times a year, multiply your account and walk away from them. That’s what you should really be aiming for.” – If Myante

“The day that you become an independent thinker… That’s the day that your trading is going to start to go through the roof.” – Chris Lori

“You need education to make the kind of money you’re aspiring to make.” – Cue Banks

“There is nothing better in this world than learning this art, this skill.
It’s so liberating!” – Shawn Lucas

“You need to control your risk, emotions and patience. Your strategy comes second.” – Justin Mueller

“Trading is so different. It’s not the real world. Trading requires a whole different set of behaviors.” – Richard Friesen

“People who can stay focused on the process, they typically end up getting better results.” – Nick Shawn

“Stop thinking about what you’re thinking. Think about what everybody else is thinking about.” – Richard Jackson

“Good traders trade simple strategies.” – Nathan Sage

“It’s not about trading support & resistance. It’s about sticking to your management plan.” – Harllan Dale

“Don’t take these real-life adversities and try to replace them with a winning trade.” – Michael ICT

“The market exists to enable me to be wealthy.” – Chris Tate

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“Don’t focus on profits. Always focus on your losses.” – Mario Hennenberger

“You have to understand what your emotional make up is when it comes to money.” – Trent Smalley

“You already have a preconceived notion of who you are and what you think you’re entitled to.” – Uncle Ted

“If you can just get good at something, you can make enough money to have whatever lifestyle you want.” – Aaron Korbs

“You have to create every strategy or methodology to your own strengths and weaknesses.” – Austin Semeniuk

“The more you spend on the chart… The better because you get an overall knowledge of how the market moves.” – Matthew Todd

“It’s very important to find your “WHY” because that’s what’s going to carry you through all the dark phases that you have.” – Ant_FX

“Every single day there should be a time you just dedicate straight to forex.” – Ali Quazi

“You have to work on yourself more than your strategy.” – Austin Imperial FX

“If you become one of the best players in this game, you have an unlimited earning potential.” – Jason Stewart

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