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After 40 episodes locked away on the Trading Nut podcast it reminded me of the goal of my original podcast: to interview 52 Traders.

Then I suddenly remembered I did a wrap up interview after hitting 52 interviews. But it was only aired for a few weeks before disappearing from the internet forever… Well, until now that is!

Harllan Dale, a young Forex trader from the Phillipines who managed millions, sat down with me to mull over my insights from my first 52 interviews.

When I listened to it again this week I had to laugh at some of the rubbish I was coming up with. But on the other side of the mic, Harllan was dropping some of the best answers I’ve heard on the show.

If you’re looking for something a little different, inspirational and educational then this episode if for you.

I spoke to Harllan just this week and he tells me he still trades and now also trades Cryptocurrencies (maybe a future show in the pipeline).

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Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

  • [12:55] I do agree in a certain level that you do have an advantage when you have parents or mentors that have gone before you and who teach you on how to trade properly.
  • [18:40] I do believe that there are really genuine websites or educational websites because I started learning how to trade through the internet.
  • [19:01] I found out that everything works but you need to really understand what the person is saying.
  • [19:42] When I was introduced to trading I lost a lot because I was living in a dreamland.
  • [21:46] In my experience every technique works.
  • [22:46] When you think that you know something, that’s the beginning of your downfall.

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  • [23:12] My mentor taught me one thing and it works for him but it doesn’t mean it will work for me.
  • [23:50] It’s not how much the program is, it’s the mastery of using the program.
  • [26:29] If you’re someone who believes that trading is for everyone then you’re living in a dreamland. It’s not for everyone.
  • [29:24] If you say that you are failing you have to realize whether you’re really failing or you’re just stubborn.
  • [29:32] If you are failing then it just means you’re moving forward.
  • [32:15] It’s not about trading support and resistance, it’s about sticking to your management plan.

Harllan Dale Quote 3

  • [35:44] I don’t think that trading is for everyone because not everyone is patient.
  • [36:45] Being patient is key but I think that not everybody has the patience to really learn to trade.
  • [37:57] It is not about having the right entry, it is having the proper timing.
  • [39:21] If you want to be a successful trader, you have to be realistic.
  • [40:29] It is expensive to learn how to trade. It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of effort.
  • [46:37] If you are going to succeed in this, you need to really control your emotions.

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  • [48:28] The numbers represented on the charts that we see every day is the summary of the emotions of people.
  • [59:12] The secret to success in this or in any business is that knowing the price and paying the price and that’s basically it.
  • [64:18] Studying more on the mental part is more essential than trying to find out what technique works.
  • [65:38] Trading is simple but it’s not easy.
  • [67:31] If you have the proper heart for trading, you would succeed in this.

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