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Jason Stewart had a unique experience throughout high school and college, he was a star Quarter Back who had to deal with 11 opponents out to destroy him each and every week. This experience built up a level of fearlessness that others may never reach.

Hearing Jason’s story in our interview reminded me of a book I mentioned in the show recently – Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. Mr Hill spoke deep about how fear was the one and only thing that was holding 98% of us humans back from our full potential. Fear of poverty, fear of death… the list went on.

So, what happens when you take a young man with very little fear and put him in front of the Forex Market? Listen and watch to find out!

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @qbstew

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The PsychFX Journal by DeVonte Williams

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Nash Markets

Jason’s Forex Trading Strategy Explained

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Key Lessons

[07:29] Sometimes, overconfidence can lead to your demise.

[14:36] If your vision isn’t tested, then it’s not a true vision.

[16:15] You should take pride in your practice. That’s how you’re going to continue to level up.

[17:02] Confidence comes through preparation.

[18:29] You have to literally make sure that you are good before you enter the game.

[20:58] The fearlessness was oftentimes a double-edge sword.

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[26:06] We sometimes are our own biggest enemy.

[29:19] Being a swing trader, you got to have your head on right.

[31:11] Figure out how to play this game is no different than X-box or PlayStation, but it can make you money.

[32:13] As we all know, there’s no way to predict no drawdown or a perfect entry trade.

[35:05] In order for people to evolve and love a lot, it requires a new level of self-love.

[36:32] There’s nothing wrong at all when you’re working a job and creating multiple streams especially if you’re not confident or you don’t have a sharp blade on the market.

[36:52] A job will provide a living but your hustle will provide a fortune.

[38:40] You gotta really maintain a certain level of composure even when things aren’t going well.

[39:06] Every single currency is a different dragon.

[42:31] Vision is the only thing that differentiates us from any other creature on planet Earth.

[44:34] If you become one of the best players in this game, you have an unlimited earning potential.

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