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Aaron Korbs went from truck washer to trading the futures markets in just a matter of years.

Today you’ll not only hear Aaron’s full story but you’ll learn what he actually does to make money day in and day out.

He uses an approach that relies on something called Volume Profile. In the video clip we shot after the show you’ll see exactly how Aaron takes a trade using Volume Profile – entry, exit, the lot!

But, what’ll surprise you most from this interview is how much mindset played a role in Aaron’s success. You’ll learn some of the different methods he’s used to overcome the “normal” way people think to build a mindset that aligns to how professional traders think and act.

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Aaron’s Video

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Key Lessons

[05:12] The markets truly provide us with an incredible opportunity.

[09:09] I think for most people there’s this idea of being on the screen, being in this environment, and being able to trade the markets.

[09:39] In my opinion, the Stock Market is a fairly tough way to day trade.

[10:55] I think there’s a very good reason why the majority of professional day traders are focused on the Futures Market and trading Commodities.

[14:04] Trading will never be that simple as just buy here and sell here.

[20:57] In hindsight, a lot of my struggles and trading frustrations came from spending too much time in front of the charts.

[21:41] Everything you want in trading, it’s on the other side of getting to consistency.

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[22:11] When we are really slow and being directional, that’s where I struggle.

[22:39] Especially if you’re a day trader, the volatility is your lifeblood. When that dries up so does your earning potential.

[27:47] One of the best things you can do for your trading is just to develop some very strong habits in your personal life.

[31:58] A lot of the trading issues we struggle with just comes down to the way we are able to expose ourselves to risk.

[38:34] 20% of what you’re doing in your trading is what really matters and then 80% of it is just up for discretion.

[40:26] The markets are just a giant auction trying to match buyers and sellers.

[43:46] If you would have looked at all of your trading frustrations, almost all of them are a result of the way that you’ve been programmed and some of our very natural wirings.

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[48:51] When people are faced with a potential gain, they turn and start hiding from risk, and then when people are presented with a potential loss, they start being risk-seeking.

[57:34] If I risk 2% of my account per trade, I’m managing my risk.

[58:11] You, as a retail trader, get very focused on what your method is, your exact complete method.

[59:04] A lot of trading frustrations come from the place of knowing how to do TA [Technical Analysis] but not understanding how to trade.

[61:44] There’s no money to be made in this business by being a generalist. You have to become a specialist that does something very well.

[61:57] You need to find out what you’re doing, and you need to get very good at it.

[62:17] In this business, there is so much money to be made that if you can just get good at something, you can make enough money to have almost whatever lifestyle you want.

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