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I’ve followed Nick Shawn’s journey since episode 4 of Trading Nut and it’s a pleasure to see how he’s progressed as a trader and helped so many others along the way.

Over the course of our interviews we’ve had amazing insight into the bones of Nick’s strategy and today you’ll get to learn and see how it’s evolved once more – along with the mindset required to make this kind of strategy work.

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Nick’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[13:49] By constantly evolving and improving, being willing to fail, test, and experiment different things, can typically make us better in the long run.

[15:29] Backtesting is very good and useful in helping you determine the viability of a trading system.

[16:23] If you’re into this calculated risk, demo testing in trading is the easiest way to do that.

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[20:20] If you catch a couple of good trades a month, the profits from those will wipe out all the losers.

[30:07] Win rate isn’t everything. The bottom line is profitability.

[30:12] Profitability is generated through a combination of win rate, logical trade scenario, and with good risk-reward.

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[30:30] Risk-to-Reward ratio is a component of risk management.

[31:34] Look at more of the data and combine it together to where it makes sense and then work based of the data.

[37:09] People who can stay focused in the process, they typically end up getting better results.

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