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My how things have changed!

The choices young people have today are infinitely better and more wide spread than when I left high school. My options were limited to University, get a job or Uni then get a job. No one was talking about making money drop shipping or trading Forex for a living… they simply didn’t existing (but neither did the Internet really… so I can’t complain).

Forexed, at only 23 saw the stress his family members were under working their 9-5 jobs and decided it wasn’t for him. After trying his hand at some other ventures he eventually landed on Forex and hasn’t looked back.

Hear his story and learn a thing or ten about how he’s mastered this game.

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The Candlestick Bible by Oleg Pozhidaev
Untangling the Mind by David Theodore George

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MetaTrader 4


Forexed Forex Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[06:22] Looking at the technology today, there’s multiple different ways you could make money. I just chose to do Forex.

[10:40] You learn from your losses, you learn from your mistakes.

[12:26] Being patient is important but taking actions is sometimes more important as well.

[13:07] Focusing more on trading view and the actual trade itself, rather than to the position that I was holding really helped my psychology.

[14:12] No one is going to win 100% of the time.

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[16:18] The market evolves, and your methodology has to evolve with it.

[18:35] For someone who wants to do swing trading, understand what you have to look for in order to have a good setup for that specific type of trading style.

[19:26] I’m not one of those traders that force trades, rather I like to look at different setups, I like to identify the best quality setup, and I execute on that one setup.

[22:56] Every trader should have a trading plan especially if they’ve been trading for a long time.

[23:02] You must have a trading plan.

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[28:48] You have to be organized in the way that you actually go about working.

[29:12] Every single day, there should be a time you just dedicate straight to forex.

[30:00] Every single day just try your best to learn something new about trading.

[32:12] The more you trade, the more you’ll understand how price behaves.

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