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It blew my mind when I received an email just a couple of weeks ago from Nathan Sage, a 2017 student of my Robot Builders Club.

He simply wanted to say “Thanks” for putting the course together because he was able to use this knowledge to go on and create several profitable Algos using the skills I’d taught him as well as license them to several funds around the world for over 7-figures.

Even I didn’t think this was possible. But it clearly is. And today Nathan explains how he did it… And if you’re a Robot Builders Club member you’ll be pleased to hear we also recorded a separate 1.5 hour long special interview for you, where Nathan breaks everything down step-by-step.

Oh, and if you’re looking to join my club to learn how to do the same (perfect if you have free time now during the holiday’s) … Then check out the sweet deal I’ve put together for you.

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Key Lessons

[14:58] People with $1000+ could get professional management.

[18:28] In Crypto, it is not really held by institutions. It is held by a diverse population of people which restricts that manipulation at the same extent.

[21:53] Bitcoin has been the best performing asset of all time.

[23:52] A lot of people are being excited about it [Bitcoin]. A lot of people want to come into it but are not use to the fact that you literally, in one day, could make or lose 10%-20% of your account. And therefore, you have to be careful how you trade it.

[24:56] Bitcoin is the absolute dominator in this market.

[31:19] The key thing is around portfolio management.

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[33:53] When you are in the market, you are at risk.

[34:18] When you add in things like compounding overtime, you’re going to make a lot of money.

[39:54] You have to learn about the market. You have to learn about how the market is manipulated. You have to learn about the best ways.

[41:12] Good traders trade simple strategies.

[41:17] Do not overcomplicate your strategy.

[41:50] You need to stop thinking about needing to get rich today, tomorrow, this week, or this month because if you get this right, you will become very wealthy overtime.

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[42:51] Focus on risk. Don’t focus on profitability.

[42:55] If you get your risk right, you can double your risk and therefore you would double your profitability.

[44:18] Risk and time are the key things you need to consider.

[44:56] The quickest way to learn is being bitten by losses.

[47:50] Time is your enemy. Don’t think short-term.

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