Michael ICT Quote 1

It’s funny how things come full circle.

It was years ago, when I first started getting interested in Forex, that I heard of this “Inner Circle Trader”. At the time I didn’t take much notice of it, as it seemed too elusive.

Fast forward 10 years and here I am talking to the The Inner Circle Trader (ICT) himself “Michael”. Now, was it the same trader as 10 years ago. Probably not.

But does ICT know how the Forex markets work… Like “really” know!

Take a listen and find out for yourself.

But I think you’ll find the answer is a definitive “Yes”.

Podcast Interview


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Twitter – @I_Am_ICT

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The Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John J. Murphy

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Michael’s Strategy of the Week

Key Lessons

[08:34] Once the trading bug bites you, never let you go.

[08:50] The richest people in the world trade futures and options.

[08:56] Get a good job, be an electronic technician and take your money and invest in futures and options.

[13:49] It wasn’t always an up market, I had to find out how the short.

[20:09] 90% of people lose money trading regardless of what asset class there is.

[20:45] You can’t get this level of continuity and consistency if you don’t know what you’re doing.

[22:15] The high and the low, the daily range is actually predetermined at midnight local New York time.

Michael ICT Quote 2

[23:43] I quickly understood that the markets really aren’t a free market, they’re 100% manipulated.

[26:39] I realized that there were certain patterns that repeated themselves over and over again.

[28:00] I’m telling you, the things that we are told to look at and study, it’s a farce.

[38:31] I knew that I was retiring at 40. I knew when I was 20-some years old I would not be working at 40. That was my goal.

[51:09] I didn’t care what everyone else is doing, I just focused on what I was doing and the bottom line reflected it.

[59:42] Don’t take these real-life adversities and try to replace them with a winning trade.

[65:24] Don’t talk to your friends and family, don’t tell them what you want to do, they’re never ever gonna agree with you.

Michael ICT Quote 3

Michael’s Trading

  • He traded Commodities and Futures markets before he eventually focused on the Forex market
  • He doesn’t use any indicators
  • He’s a short-term to day trader
  • He focuses on the weekly range and tries to capture some expansion that takes place between Sundays open and Fridays close
  • His entry usually comes in around a 5 or 15-minute chart
  • His setup is based on an hourly chart and his bias is determined from the daily chart
  • He only places 2 trades in a week with weekly objective of 50 to 70 pips
  • Hi ideal reward-to-risk ratio is 5:1 or even more
  • He focuses primarily on the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs
  • He doesn’t trade Cryptocurrencies
  • He uses 20% fundamental analysis and everything else is technical
  • He’s very time and detail-oriented about price action

Follow up podcast from VP

Well, this was unexpected! VP from episode 21 has critiqued the ICT interview above, in his podcast below… Take a listen… It’s great!!

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