larry-williamsLarry Williams started as an art student, shifted to journalism and was eventually attracted to trading back in 1962. He was drawn into the industry because it looked as if it was easy money. Motivated by the promise of possibly earning $100 a day, while looking for a way out of hard labor, he began his adventure as a trader.

Larry became profitable after 6 years, and in 1974 had a realization around the conditions that move that market and how vital it is to a trader’s arsenal. He trades S&P’s, Bonds, Crude Oil and Gold.

In the show Larry explains:

  • The importance of finding a teacher that teaches the way you learn
  • Why day trading is not advisable for an aspiring trader with a day job
  • The real deal behind money management and its misconceptions
  • The power of small positions in a trade
  • Why price is least important to him as a trader

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