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While surfing the internet, IF Myante stumbled upon a Penny Stocks trading ad online. He didn’t know what it was at first but was excited after seeing the price charts. For him, it was another puzzle waiting for him, to be solved.

He bought a trading system for less than a hundred dollars and started using it. Unfortunately, after a month of trading, he lost €10,000.

IF decided to start educating himself by learning how to read price. He checked out Fibonacci and Supply & Demand only to find out they weren’t so helpful. However, he did find something that changed the way he viewed the market.

It took IF a while before he finally realized how the markets actually worked. Now it’s your chance to learn his unique view on what really “makes” the market and how it allows IF to take 2-3 mega (280% return) trades a year (check out the video at the bottom of the post to see exactly how IF finds these trades).

Podcast Interview


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Preferred broker – LMAX Global
Platform – MetaTrader 4, Currenex


IF’s 2,800 Pip “Mega Trade” Explained

Key Lessons

  • [13:22] Candlesticks are just really for people who don’t understand the market very much.
  • [14:17] The market, it took me a while to find out and realize about everything about this society, how it’s run, and who owns it.
  • [16:08] There’s just no way that the financial markets (which are the biggest thing in the world) are not run by the empire and they are. Once you start seeing that, you’ll start to understand how the market actually works.
  • [16:30] The market is absolutely controlled by the people who create all of the money.
  • [17:38] It’s important to have the world in debt and they want to get everybody as much misery as they possibly can. Their job isn’t about making money, it’s just about taking everybody else’s money.
  • [18:09] Essentially, the people who run the market, they run the market brilliantly, they do it not to make money just to take it from everybody else.
  • [20:15] Our only trick is to look for tricks that are being played into areas where tricks were played in the past.
  • [23:47] Most people will think that if you’re going to be a trader you’ve got to be sitting at the chart all day, you’ve got to be taking trades here and there, and you’ve got to be taking 30 trades a day. Otherwise, you’re not a real trader.
  • [24:59] Everybody who takes up trading they do it in order to have a life not necessarily in order to make money.
  • [26:13] You can teach somebody exactly how the market works but if they’re of a gambling personality, they’re never going to be able to make it work.

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  • [26:25] Gambler always wants to lose. Even if they have the best system in the world, what their mind wants them to do is loose.
  • [26:59] They won’t even consider themselves to be traders because what they are, are people that live on holiday. They wouldn’t say they are traders, they just say they retired. That is the way to be as a trader.
  • [27:36] Most traders are retailers and they do exactly what they’re told.
  • [29:29] Supply and demand will work sometimes but they are actually set up to fail most of the time.
  • [32:46] The market is a microcosm of all of society.
  • [33:06] Everything that you know about the market is simply there so that you will lose your money in the end. It’s very sad to see it but that’s just the way it is.
  • [34:06] These people know exactly what you’re going to be doing, they know exactly where your entries are gonna be on everything, and they know exactly where your stop loss where going to be.
  • [41:21] The debt that’s on the planet cannot be paid off by the planet even by selling the planet and everything on it.
  • [47:05] That’s the wonderful thing about this market. They will get you trading in the right direction and they will even give you the signals as to what they’re going to do next.
  • [50:19] Pretty much everybody loses in the long run in trading unless they are the actual guys who are in control of the market or the guys like us who actually know what the guys in control of the market are actually doing.

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  • [53:31] Symmetry is a giant thing and people don’t know so much about it and they don’t really notice symmetry as it happens, but it happens all the time and it’s amazing.
  • [54:49] If you had a €10,000 account and it just turned into a €60,000 account because of this one trade, don’t be greedy. Close it there, let it go it’s fine.
  • [57:55] You have to be able to see all the aspects of the market at once…You’re going to be a brilliant trader.
  • [59:42] To be an instinctive trader and to see everything at once and to always be able to make it work, you need to be unconsciously confident.
  • [60:36] I can teach you in ten minutes to be profitable. It’s not difficult to be profitable in this, but to always be profitable, to always make the right call every single time, that can take six months, a year to learn.
  • [61:10] Nobody should ever put real money into the market until they can prove that they’re consistently profitable and that they’re profiting on pretty much on every trade that they take.
  • [61:45] Profit isn’t about money. Profit is keeping your draw down to the minimum, having no drawdown preferably, understanding exactly what’s going on in the market all the time, and if you don’t understand what’s going on in the market stay the hell out of the market but it’s only trading what you understand.
  • [68:04] This whole (Crypto) currency exchange thing is such a load of crap. Each of these currencies is created out of nothing by the same people and its value is manipulated by the same people.
  • [70:47] When you’re going to take a trade, you have to have explained before you take that trade. What it is that you actually doing in the market? Why it is you want to take that trade? What it is that you expect from that trade?
  • [72:06] A trade is a big deal. You should treat it like a big deal and you should not just jump on a trade without understanding it and without fully planning it first.

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  • [74:53] First of all, you must be accountable to yourself. Even keeping a private journal but making yourself keep that private journal and making yourself go through that journal regularly to see what it is that you’ve been doing is a good thing.
  • [76:45] Trading should be about those enormous trades, those absolutely massive killer traders that come up every once in a while, a couple of times a year, multiply your account and walk away from them. That’s what you should really be aiming for.

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