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Matthew Todd has one of the most unique stories I’ve heard on the show.

Leaving his professional football career and turning his focus toward becoming a professional trader, wasn’t the get rich quick path he initially thought it was.

A story which will put most traders efforts to shame. Matthew crossed the globe and spent thousands in his search for the holy grail.

To find out where the story ends, take a listen.

Oh… And let’s not forget the UNREAL TRADING TIPS he drops in the second part of the show.

Podcast Interview


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Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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Matthew’s Video

Key Lessons

[09:40] In the beginning I was too focused on making the money and did not really put the time into the charts to understand exactly what the market’s are all about.

[13:44] When I went to do the course it was just indicators, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, EMAs everywhere and it just seem like a real messy chart.

[24:31] There’s too many people waiting to see me drop the ball or waiting to see me fail.

[26:24] There’s not many mentors or educators out there that are unwilling to take your money unless you could show them that you are committed.

[28:37] My psychology and my emotions are probably the most important part of my trading.

[31:07] I’m trying to stick to the 3 trades in a row rule where you can have 3 wins, you can have 2 wins and a loss, you can have 1 win 2 losses, or you can have 3 losses.

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[35:37] 80% of the time your runners are going to get stopped out.

[36:21] These runners are just extra. If it keeps going, it’s a bonus.

[38:25] It’s really important that you journal your trades.

[38:54] The more pairs that you look at, the more trades you’d be tempted to trade. The more trades you take, the more risk you expose. And the more risk you expose, the more chance of loss.

[43:48] As soon as I started trusting my own analysis and not following the advice or the analysis of other traders or seeking validation from anyone else and just focused purely on my own knowledge, my own analysis, that’s the turning point.

[44:39] I don’t think trading at the beginning should be about your psychology, I think it should be very much about practicing the technical aspect of it.

[46:06] Trust yourself. Don’t trust anyone else. Just genuinely trust your own analysis.

[46:31] The more time you spent on the chart during the learning process, the better because you get an overall knowledge of how the market moves.

[47:24] You need to understand what direction of the market, and that is defined by higher highs, higher lows for the uptrend, lower highs, lower lows for the downtrend.

[53:05] Trust the process of trading. I know it seems very difficult at the beginning and there’s so many different aspects to learn but the potential is there for anybody to be able to make money.

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