Happy new year! And with the start of 2019 I thought what better time to get some of my past guests back on the show to tell us how they see the year ahead.

In today’s episode you’ll hear form Andre Stewart, Al Brooks, (my last guest) Jerremy Newsome, Paul Langham and Troy Bombardia.

I think you’ll love this episode because each trader has a different take:

  • Andre has a contrarian view
  • Jerremy and Al’s analysis is “same, same, but different”
  • Troy is extreme global macro and brings a completely different take based around leading fundamental indicators
  • Paul dissects the leading currency

Overall, if you’re looking to put some context around SP500, Gold, EURUSD to help you navigate 2019 effectively then this episode has it all. Oh, and if you want even more, then there’s a hidden bonus episode with Gary Fullett who also shares his 2019 outlook.

Recommendation: If you’re listening on the move, subscribe to the podcast below. But, if you have time now, watch the Youtube video instead as you’ll be able to see what these guys are talking about 😉

Podcast interview


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Watch the full video

What do you think the markets will do this year?

Do you think these guys area on the right track?

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