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When 12-year-old Jerremy Newsome earned $12,000 investing in the Stock Market, he was already hooked and knew that’s was what he wanted to do with his life.

He waited until his 20’s finishing his Finance Degree in University of Florida before he eventually dived into Stock trading. But just like 90% of traders, he went through the painful experience of losing more than $100,000 in his first 3 years of trading.

After accepting his failures and realizing his mistakes, he started to work on them and developed his trading discipline that changed entirely the way he approached the market.

Jerremy ‘s been professionally involved in the market for about 6 years. He founded Real Life Trading where he conducts webinars, seminars, trading courses for aspiring traders.

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Key Lessons

  • [14:54] I still do love long-term investing. I think that’s one of the greatest ways to build the biggest wealth.
  • [15:48] I always will tell people that long-term is easy, it’s not that difficult, and you just have to be patient.
  • [16:10] I love day trading. I think it’s a phenomenal career path for many people out there.
  • [16:58] If we had a big sell off yesterday and we’re gaping down largely in the market, on pretty much everything, I’m looking to buy because everyone who is in short yesterday, they’re going to be exiting their positions by buying to cover. So, let me buy with them.
  • [18:27] I analyze the gap – is this gap down going to continue or is this a gap down that’s going to fade?
  • [21:01] I don’t worry about how much I’m going to win. I always ask myself “What’s the chance that I can lose 1% on this trade or less?”
  • [21:49] So I put in rules that stipulate how many trades I can place so there’s no way that I can place more than 10 trades in a day.
  • [22:48] You gotta measure yourself. You have to know what it is that you’re doing? How well you are doing at it? What time of the day you’re at your best?
  • [24:38] A lot of people just don’t know how much they’re gonna lose when they lose and that’s what frustrates them.
  • [29:33] I will sit through a whole week and not press a single trade. If the trade is not there, I have no need to trade, I have a very good discipline.

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Jerremy’s Trading

  • He still loves long-term investments
  • He also does short-term trading
  • His main approach is Day Trading
  • He trades the 3-minute charts exclusively most of the day
  • He looks for a momentum place – gapping after hours either up or down
  • He does a lot of candlestick analysis
  • He looks at the daily chart, analysis the candlesticks, and what people are thinking based on the candlesticks
  • He takes his trades on a 2-minute or a 1-minute chart
  • He risks $500 every single trade and based on that he calculates how much profit he should get
  • His goal is always to get 2% to 3% return
  • He sets rules that will prevent him from trading more than 10 trades a day, often he has 4 trades max in a day
  • His Win-Lose ratio is 43.78%
  • He thinks that Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are going to have a longer-term viewpoint
  • He’s part of a Cryptocurrency hedge fund

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