Nick VendettiThe mysterious Nick is back on the show to share with us how his trading has gone from “pretty-darn-good” to “I-can’t-complain-a-bit”!

Plus, he’s giving away his 4 Day Live Trading Course this week:

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These days Nick’s enjoying the luxury of having more time for contemplation. He only trades for an hour or two a day, dropping down his market time by 30% while making enough return to keep a modest prince happy.

Nick’s been on the show before where he transformed 7 traders – one of which was Andre Stewart (now a successful trader and mentor himself).

To hear the back story, check out his full interviews.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • 3 core trading factors you must understand
  • The disadvantage most of the traders have (turn it to your advantage)
  • How you can determine where volume is going
  • The secret you’ll learn to have a better approach to the market
  • What is Renko, how it works, and how you can make use of it on your trading
  • The trick (which you can copy) that Nick’s been using to make his trades easier
  • The exact reason why most traders are having psychological breakdowns
  • How you can gain back your confidence
  • Why you should study and learn how price action works
  • The timeframe where you’re going to see spontaneous movement of market makers

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