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If you weren’t sufficiently impressed by what Matt Mortimer’s business partners (who have also been on the show, i.e. Alex George & Charlie) have achieved in their short time as educators and fund managers, you’ll be blown away by what Matt achieved between the age of 15 and 21.

You’ll also find out how many FTMO challenges he took before finally finding success during his first prop firm venture, and the process a fund takes when it comes down to placing a trade with client money.

Plus, Matt left us with his “Trade of the Year” video, where he walks through a mega pip move and the simple process he uses for back testing strategies.

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Market Wizards by Jack Swagger

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Matt’s Strategy Video

Key Lessons

[12:30] As you trade more capital, you need to scale the timeframes.

[23:28] Trading is already difficult enough. You as a trader, you need to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

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[23:47] The small tricks are sometimes the best tricks.

[27:15] You need to take data collection seriously because you need to give yourself an edge.

[31:53] You need to treat trading as a business.

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[33:14] Keep it simple. Structure is the scaffolding to everything.

[36:10] Data collection will change your life. Put in the hard work and it would definitely pay off.

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