Yes, Charlie is just 20 years old and holds the title of Head Trader at, unconventional hedge fund, West Water Associates. Another owner of the firm is past guest Alex George (episode 167) who was on the show at the start of the year.

If you’re thinking, this sounds too good to be true, wait until you see Charlie’s charting video. The level of market knowledge (both fundamental and technical – Smart Money) will below your mind, and is well well beyond his years.

To get a good feel for everything Charlie does and how he managed to achieve so much so early in life… dive in below!

Podcast Interview


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Interview Link

Instagram – @cwillsms

Recommended Books

Trading Beyond the Matrix by Van Tharp
Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins
(ps. I downloaded this one after the show… well worth a listen!)


Key Lessons

[21:33] A lot of retail traders and people that struggle with genuinely finding consistency is they pay too much attention to what other people did.

[21:56] Find your way. Find your personality in the market.

[30:28] How can you expect consistency in the market if your life isn’t consistent?

[36:57] Fundamentals are the pieces to a puzzle and macroeconomics is the whole puzzle with the picture.

[47:30] There’s no better teacher than experience and there’s a lot of lessons you can learn from loss.

[50:34] The more you overcomplicate it [setup], the less consistent your approach is going to be.

[51:08] Make your approach and ideology as simple as possible.

[54:45] Anything, any outlook, any business, anything you want to go into, take the mindset of if better is possible, good is never good enough.

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