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Alex George was wise enough at the tender age of 15 to decide to take the path less trodden. While his friends were all doing the normal things teenagers do, Alex was busy studying the markets. But it was his unique and quite obscure approach to it all that found him with a mentor, most could only dream of.

Alex is now 19, and runs George Mortimer, has a fund, an office in the exclusive Canary Wharf in London and it’s only the beginning. Is Alex the next Warren Buffett? Take a listen and look below to see for yourself.

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Recommended Books

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Broker & Platform

London Trading Index
IC Markets
MetaTrader 5


Alex’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[05:36] Trading is a long-term game.

[16:33] Trading psychology videos are making you aware of what could happen but you will still experience that bad trading psychology especially if you are new.

[19:12] Don’t let someone’s opinion impact your outcome.

[24:22] Structure is the backbone of trading a technical analysis.

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[24:27] If you don’t have your structure right, you’re more than likely going to fail no matter what concepts you are trading.

[24:32] If you can understand structure then that is pretty much your gateway to success.

[28:55] Stocks is a more volatile in terms of percentage movement because it is a less liquid market compared to Forex.

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[30:01] Study the economic side of fundamentals, then implement the economic logic into the charts and combine it with technical analysis.

[48:16] If you’re struggling first of all, find a mentor who can give you directions.

[48:48] If you network properly, a gateway will be open to you that you’ve not even thought of before and it will be amazing.

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